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Speaking of New Divides…

So. New Linkin Park song. Fancy that.

New Divide

Lyrically, it’s pretty much the exact same Linkin Park we’ve heard since 2000; they’re feeling angry and isolated. Musically, it’s basically What I’ve Done, except with a fleeting attempt to be heavier and, amazingly, moodier. Really. It’s got the exact same soft, crooning verse and “heavy” chorus, complete with Mike “whoa”-ing in some backing vocals. The only difference is that vaguely mechanical guitar solo in the middle, presumably to feel more Transformers-y (the scientific term for it), simultaneously breathing the song’s only life into it and feeling tacked on.

I find it interesting they called this song “New Divide” (if you couldn’t tell based on the post’s title), given Linkin Park’s very own new divide in its fan base after the huge departure in its musical style that was Minutes to Midnight, where they all but abandoned the rap-rock for, well, just normal rock, I suppose. I personally liked Minutes to Midnight, although I don’t think it had very many of their best songs on it, but it was their best attempt at an album that could try to get them some critical merit. On the other hand, if you didn’t like their new style, you’re probably not going to like this new song, since it’s right up their last album’s alley, and even if you did like it, you probably won’t be too crazy about it, because it probably would have been a b-side. Of course, Linkin Park is more of a guilty pleasure than an actual favorite band for me, so it’s entirely possible I’m not the most unbiased judge, but then again, you’re not here for that anyway.

Know Your Enemy

I haven’t had a chance to listen to 21st Century Breakdown yet, and that’s partly because I just about stopped caring after hearing the song they chose for their first single. This song is terrible (in so many words). It’s basically the same riff for 3-4 minutes, with the same five words making up maybe 4/5 of the song. It’s a let down, especially for a first single following American Idiot, which I still maintain was brilliant, even if it was far overplayed on the radio (hence, the benefits of never listening to the radio!). I keep hearing about how ambitious and comparably brilliant 21st Century Breakdown is to American Idiot, and I can’t really make an informed say in either direction, but based on this song, I’d be amazed if that were the case.

Shut Up, I Am Dreaming Of Places Where Lovers Have Wings

Well, this isn’t a new song or anything, but it’s an awesome song you should listen to. It reminds me of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”, and watch how that lamp totally looks like it’s going to fall off, but doesn’t! Crazy!

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