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This Year

Regular readers and friends may know that I pretty much never shut up about The Mountain Goats’ song “This Year”. It’s the song that introduced me to The Mountain Goats a year ago, and have since become one of my favorite artists. It’s also my most played song in my iTunes library. Basically, this song means a lot to me, and I decided to record a cover of it while I had access to an acoustic guitar last year.

It’s the same deal as most of the music I make nowadays: it’s just me playing an instrument and singing, all recorded by an iPod Classic and a $5 microphone. I covered this song about a year ago when I first attempted to make a cover album, as much fun as making the piano+ukulele+electric guitar version was last year, this stripped down, acoustic guitar version is way, way better. I was in a bit over my head layering three different instrument tracks last year, and, most significantly, my singing was shit. Whereas this isn’t only listenable, I actually really like my voice here. Comparing the two versions, I can actually hear how much better I’ve come as a vocalist. I mean, I’m not great, but I think I’m actually mostly enjoyable now. So this song means even more to me now, which is awesome.

Also, I promise the next time I post music here, it will actually be my album. My real first album, like with entirely original songs and stuff. Get excited if you get excited.

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