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One Week Until I Am Done With Chemistry Forever

As you may have noticed, I haven’t updated Angry Postcards From Nihilist Penguins in about three weeks. This isn’t because the party’s now at that fancy new popular blog I have Bad Books, Good Times (although that one has updated every weekday for a few months now, so there is indeed a veritable party going on over there). This isn’t because I’m out of ideas for what to write here. On the contrary, I have a massive to-do list of post ideas that I’m incredibly frustrated I haven’t had time to write. Although this brings me to the issue, which is time.

This bastard.

This summer I’ve been taking Organic Chemistry II. For my more obsessive and/or stalkery readers, you may know that in real life I am a double major in English and Biology (for some reason) and going into my final year of college this fall. My school requires organic chemistry for the biology major, which I am so hilariously horrible at, I’m taking it over the summer for fear of having to learn anything else at the same time interfering. It’s been an intensive eight week course, a massive pain in the ass, but I am finally in week eight as of today.

This is wonderful news for me because I’m pretty terrible at chemistry (I understand it only well enough to appreciate how awesome chemistry would be if I actually understood any of it, which is almost worse). Of course, I have no idea what I’m doing in the future (probably something with scientific writing or publishing seems interesting and relevant to me right now), but I can probably assume that after this week, I am done with chemistry for the rest of my life. Which I will probably then fill with playing Borderlands 2.

It’s a shame this will almost certainly come out the same week I’ll have a paper due.

Originally this post was going to be more of an inspirational, overcoming challenges sort of thing, but writing that shit really isn’t my thing, and I didn’t really “overcome” organic chemistry so much as “it happened to me oh thank god I’m still breathing”. Chemistry is that area of academia that has always been a thorn in my side: relevant enough to what I actually like to study that I have to learn it, far enough removed from what I’m good at understanding that when I have to meet it on its own terms, there’s gonna be a rumble.

Except with fewer song and dance numbers.

Thanks for your patience, dear hypothetical regular reader! I totally have some awesome posts coming up that I’m super excited to write, and so you should be super excited to read! But there’s other stuff to keep your interest – specifically other stuff that I do. Don’t forget how entertaining I am, internet. Remember my new other blog Bad Books Good Times updates every weekday and is pretty popular (33k hits in under three months WHAAAAT). Also remember I wrote an album of original songs and you can get it for free and listen to it all on Soundcloud. Except for the Ke$ha cover, which I didn’t write. Ke$ha wrote that. You should totally listen to it right now. I’ll put it right here. Just click play. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll also have clicked a button if nothing else.

Real blog content coming soon!

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