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Matthew Julius is one of the two bloggers behind the popular (?) regularly updating comedy blog, Bad Books, Good Times. It is a literary criticism and humor blog, which just means it makes lots and lots of jokes about popular novels of dubious literary merit. Yes, like Fifty Shades of Grey. Many of Matthew’s friends are vaguely under the impression that it is a sex blog.

Matthew Julius studied both English and Biology in college and previously interned for NPR in Arts and Entertainment. He has a handful of pieces on NPR’s pop culture news and analysis blog, Monkey See, about BuzzFeed and Ryan North and Rocky Horror and body positivity.

Matthew Julius occasionally writes and/or records music under the name “Murderers or Nuns“. You should lower your expectations before you check that one out, though.

Matthew Julius has been running Angry Postcards From Nihilist Penguins on and off since his junior year of high school as a place for funny jokes about life, the internet, and the overlapping space between those two things where people take Pokemon way too seriously. It was previously titled The Procrastinator’s Rant and he previously went by “Spiffy McPantsman”, but we all make mistakes in our youth. It is a collection of five-plus years of long and short-form essays and essay-like things about the internet, music, literature, and really just whatever. A great deal of it is of a humorous or satirical nature, although there is also a good amount of personal blogging and plenty of straightforward reviews if you look around. The most popular posts seem to have been joke in-depth analyses of Rebecca Black and Carly Rae Jepsen, and pretty much anything about Pokemon. Who can understand the vast mysteries of the human condition.

Matthew Julius is not his real name, but it does roll off the tongue more nicely.

Twitter: @mattjuliusyeah

About.me: Matthew Weddig

Goodreads: Matthew Weddig

Last.fm: spiffymcpntsmn

Steam: matthewjulius

About The Blog

Angry Postcards from Nihilist Penguins is a collection of words by a single author, usually about a single topic, although this is not always necessarily the case. Each post tends to be a disjointed series of musings and observations about something that seemed like a good idea to talk about at the time, like science or Pokemon or science and Pokemon. Maybe tv or movies or music or a long walk on the beach? Also sometimes there is poetry or a short story and it is generally appreciated if you pretend it isn’t bad. Anyway, there are words about things. The blog used to be called The Procrastinator’s Rant, but the author likes to pretend he isn’t really a procrastinator anymore. This is commonly referred to as denial.

About The Author

The author goes by Spiffy McPantsman on the internet, although that is not his real name, nor can he remember why he pretends that’s his name. He can be found on the beach in a Hawaiian shirt strumming away on his ukulele. He can also be found at death metal concerts strumming away on his electric ukulele. His life’s ambition is to write the great American novel, solve world hunger, and to sneeze with his eyes open. He is roughly 12% as zen as he pretends to be. Celine Dion describes him as “smarter and better looking than Kevin Bacon.” He was the original singer for Led Zeppelin, but left to defend the country from the Great Waffle Iron Salesmen Invasion of ’68. Jimmy Page described it as “a noble endeavor.”

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I see you liked Have Fun Dying. You should check out my new band, Popular Culture.

    From Zach (the vocalist/guitarists for both bands)

    PS – workin’ on that enunciation

    • I loved Have Fun Dying. Like I have a show on my college’s radio station and I play Have Fun Dying every now and again. And I have been following Popular Culture, though I didn’t see anything about an album until you reminded me just now. I’ll definitely pay attention to that.

      The enunciation, or lack thereof, is all well and good!

      One more thing, I just listened to “American Idles” and I smiled when I recognized the lyrics to “You Spiked The Punch With Apathy” with your new band’s musical style.

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