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Inaccurate Descriptions of Various Internet-Things!

Words Other People Write:

Bad Books, Good Times

Another blog I run with a team of koalas! Like archeology, but with helicopters!

Among the Nerds

Reviews common household appliances! Raised by wolves!

Apathetic Chipmunk

A priest, a rabbi, and Michel Foucault walk into a bar! Power-knowledge!

The Hat Rack of Eternal Damnation

Calm and carefree musings! Loves society!


Holden Caulfield has come unstuck in time! So it goes!

Hate Mail From A Book Nerd

Like Dr. Seuss for the existential-nihilist! Does weddings and bar mitzvahs!

Words With Drawings Attached To Them:


Intricately drawn and uplifting! Knock knock jokes galore!

Dinosaur Comics

Two genius geeks live in an apartment across from an attractive blond waitress! Snape kills Dumbledore!

Pictures For Sad Children

Bright and colorful depictions of meaningful lives! Hilarity ensues!

A Softer World

Heartwarming puppet shows! Starring Betty White!

Questionable Content

Football players and Nickelback fans! Jumped the shark years ago!

Boxer Hockey

Doctor Who/Thomas the Tank Engine crossover fanfiction! Let them eat cake!

8-bit Theater

Nicest people you’ll ever meet ever! It’s also based on Halo!

Penny Arcade

Nobody knows about this webcomic! Likes long walks on the beach and muffins!

Cyanide and Happiness

Musical nuns teach high school seniors the true meaning of Christmas! Family friendly!


Zero Punctuation

Biblical analyses of coloring books! Makes for a great gift!


It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!


CEO by day, clown by night! Balloon animals galore!

Texts From Last Night

Science clubs and religious debates! Bake sales every Wednesday!


Anthropomorphic computer generated animals! Tidings of comfort and joy!


Hahahahahahaha! Ew…

3 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. What happened to the Dinosaur blog? I thought it was an amazing idea and hilarious! Stegosaurus(obviously yours)was by far my favorite dinosaur of the group. When you start it up again, make sure to link it, because I will be the first one to read it.

    • Dinosaur Blog, sadly, went the way of the dinosaur. Apparently I had a falling out with the other guys I was writing it with. Or something. They just broke off contact with me and I’m not totally sure why. Not to be all dramatic and whiny on the internet or anything (that’s how you solve problems, after all!), but that seems to be what happened. It’s kind of hard to confirm such things when the issue is that you’re being ignored…
      At any rate, thank you very much for the feedback! It’s great to hear that Dinosaur Blog’s (short) run was enjoyable! And any future side-projects I do will certainly be linked to from this blog, although, honestly, I don’t think any will come up in the near future.

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